Courageous Hope … Psalm 31:19-24

We all face challenges that can lead to different responses. One is fear that we will not be able to deal with or even survive. Another is despair, giving up. But when we turn to the Lord in faith to help us, we can have courageous hope because God is with us to help us.


The Rock … Psalm 31:1-5

It isn’t easy being a Christian. We need God’s help to stand up to the challenges we face for our faith. God is the rock solid foundation we stand on for protection and strength when our faith is under attack by secularism that tries to deny God and the role of Christianity in modern day life or the growing influence of Islam that distorts the Biblical message. Allah is not the God of the Bible. Jesus is the Son of God and Savior from sin and death. Jesus is not one of Allah’s prophets as Islam claims.

Its not all about me … Psalm 30:6-12

It is too easy to think that life is all about ourselves. But it is not. The world doesn’t revolve around us. When we depend on our possessions and think nothing can stop us, look out. When we turn away from God to live self centered lives, God may turn away from us to get our attention so that we will turn back to Him. We need to get over ourselves and turn our lives over to God.

The Lord Rules … Psalm 29:9

Yesterday morning when I was having my quiet time with God, reading my devotions and writing my blog, they were expecting a storm surge to flood parts of Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg. It didn’t happen. The back side of the eye wall of Irma collapsed. The flood waters never came. The Psalmist is right. The Lord does rule over the flood waters.