Temptations … Luke 22:39-40

Jesus told the Disciples pray that they would give into temptations. Temptations come. We face them every day. God offers help to defeat temptations. It is called prayer. It is an ongoing conversation with God to find help and strength to say no when temptations come knocking. Lord, help me to say yes to you and no to the temptations that come my way today.

Changing Times … Luke 22:35-38

Big changes were coming the night Jesus was arrested. So He told the Disciples that things were changing, that He was going to be taken away from them and they needed to adapt. We are called to live by faith, trusting in Jesus. But we also need to adapt the way we act to our changing times. The Gospel message doesn’t change. But the way we communicate it does to reach and ever changing world.

Warned … Luke 22:33-34

Peter thought he could stand on his own strength. Peter said he was ready to die for Jesus. But he couldn’t. We need help to overcome temptations. We need help to stand up for Jesus when challenged for our faith. The Good News is that God is ready to forgive us when we fall and help us stand when the going gets tough. Like Peter, we’ve been warned not to try to stand on our own.

The Lord’s Supper … Luke 22:17-20

Jesus took the Passover and created the Lord’s Supper. He took the celebration of freedom from slavery in Egypt and created the celebration of freedom from slavery to sin. Jesus would die the next day to make this promise a reality. Every time we celebrate the Lord’s Supper we celebrate Jesus’s victory over sin and death to give us Forgiveness and Life. We celebrate knowing that Christ is with us and that His victory is ours.