Psalm 2

There is no comparison between temporary and eternal power. The rulers of this world only have limited power for a  short period of time. God’s unlimited power is eternal.

It is a wasted effort for a ruler to fight against God. It is futile for people to turn their backs on God, reject His ways and try to go in the opposite direction.

God’s rule is eternal. Jesus is God’s Son who rules forever. What joy for those who put their trust in Him.


Psalm 1

For the rest of December I plan to read selected Psalms. Most of them are Psalms praising God. Closer to Christmas my goal is to read the accounts of Jesus birth and events surrounding it.

Today we begin with Psalm 1. This Psalm begins with the life of the people who take God’s Word to heart and spends time thinking about it every day. These are the people who try to do what God’s Word tells us to do.

Those who mock God’s Word and disobey God stand in sharp contrast. The faithful are blessed and live fruitful, productive lives. Those who mock God and do their own thing are headed for destruction.

The options and the results are clear. Which path are you taking?


Malachi chapter 4

Bad news for those who reject God: the fire of judgment.

Good News for those who honor God: The Sun (or Son) of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings. (Verse 2). This is one of my favorite verses in the Old Testament.

John the Baptist was sent to prepare the way for Jesus. December is a great time for us to prepare the way for Jesus and to celebrate the gift of God’s Son.

Malachi chapter 3

This chapter is loaded with things we need to hear and respond to.

First we have the promise that God will send a messenger to prepare the way for The Messenger. God sent John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus. Jesus is the final living Word, the Promised Savior. Are we using this time of the year to prepare for Christmas celebrations or to receive Jesus.

Despite their sinful, self serving lives, the people didn’t think they had deserted the Lord. They saw no need to repent and turn back to God. We cannot afford to make the same mistake.

We need to return to God and offer Him our best in response to His love for us.

God promises to remember, redemption and restore the people He treasures. That is why Jesus came. God always keeps his promises.

Malachi chapter 2

Faithfulness! God is always faithful to His promises. He expects the priest to be faithful in their personal lives and to faithfully lead the people to know and honor the Lord. They didn’t and were going to be judged for their unfaithfulness.

God created marriage and expects His people to be faithful to their spouse. Too many were not. They were trading one model in for another. God told them to guard their hearts, avoid temptations and remain faithful in their marriages.

God speaks to our day through the prophet Malachi.

Too many religious leaders want to compromise God’s Word today. That never works. We should all do everything we can to defend and support marriages according to God’s plan.

Malachi chapter 1

Malachi is the last of the Old Testament prophets who calls the people of Jerusalem to be faithful to God. Malachi begins by telling the people that God loves them. He choose their ancestor Jacob to be the line of the promise. He did not choose Esau.

Malachi challenges the Priest for accepting defective animals for sacrifice. God deserves our best, not the left overs or second rate offerings. Do we seek first the Kingdom of God or do we give little attention and our leftovers to God?

Zechariah chapter 14

Everything changes on the Day of the Lord, when Jesus returns. No one knows when that will be. But we do know that we need to be ready to meet the Lord when he comes.

This Advent-Christmas season is a good time to remember Jesus first coming, welcome Him into our every day lives and look forward to His coming again.

Zechariah chapter 13

God gives the promise of forgiveness to His people. He will spare a remnant to rebuild from. The Good Shepherd Jesus will gather His sheep. When Jesus returns the false prophets will be removed forever.

Today is December first, the start of Christmas month. Make sure to take time to prepare for Jesus in your heart and life as you prepare to celebrate His birth.

Zechariah chapter 11

Shepherds are supposed to take care of the sheep. But bad shepherds don’t care about their sheep. God was getting ready to judge the rebellious sheep by giving them bad shepherds. The covenant was about to be broken.

But a new covenant was coming. Jesus was betrayed for the price of a slave. That money was used to buy a potters field. Zechariah foreshadowed that with the words recorded here. Jesus would be the good shepherd to give up His life for His sheep and usher in the New Covenant of forgiveness and faith.