Genesis chapter 19

Lot and his family fell under the influence of the evil that pervaded Sodom. The people in that city were known for their greed, refusal to help others and wickedness. Gang rape is never good. But that is what they wanted to do with the men in Lot’s house.

The men, actually angels, had to lead Lot and he family out of Sodom. God answered Abraham’s prayer and saved Lot. The wicked people of the city were judged. The city was destroyed. Lot’s wife died when she looked back to what she should have left behind.

We need to be careful that we don’t fall under the influence of a corrupt and self serving world. We should walk with Christ, following His example and reaching out to care for the people around us without falling under the influence of their sinful lives.





Genesis chapter 18

There are two different events in this chapter. First Abraham and his wife Sarah receive visitors who tell them that they will have a son in about one year. God is keeping His promise.

The second event is Abraham interceding for the people of Sodom. God  is preparing to judge their wickedness. Abraham appeals to God’s mercy for the righteous people living there. Not even ten righteous can be found.

What insights can we gain from these events. First we can trust God to always keep His Promises even when that seems to be impossible to us. Second we should intercede for other people. It is not our job to judge those outside of the Christian faith community. We are to love and care for them.

Genesis chapter 17

God gave Abram a new name, Abraham. The Exalted Father would be the Father of Many. His wife Sarah would give birth to their son Isaac in  a year. God was keeping His Promise.

But that was not all. God gave more details to His Promise to Abraham and His descendants. God also told Abraham to circumcised himself and all males in his household as a sign of this new covenant.

God gives us more than He asks of us. He does ask us to remain faithful to Him and to go through life with Him.

Genesis chapter 16

Impatient. Take matters in our own hands. Do it myself. These words could describes Abraham and his wife Sarah. They can also describe you and me when things don’t work out the way we want or as quickly as we want.

But God’s timing is perfect. He always keeps His Promises. He sees and hears us. Faith is trusting and walking with God. He always knows where He wants to lead us.

Genesis chapter 15

God began the process of restoring people through one man, Abraham, and one nation, Israel. God’s focus would be on this one group of people to be set apart. He would fulfill His promise to all people through them.

Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s Promise to Abraham. Everyone is blessed because of Jesus.

God calls the followers of Jesus into a special relationship with Him. We are the ones choose to bring the light of God’s love to people living in the dark if they don’t know Christ.

Genesis chapter 14

There are some things we can learn from Abraham in the account of this series of events.

Abraham had courage. He was prepared by getting his own men prepared. He was committed to His family. Abraham trusted God and gave thanks to God after the victory was won.

Is the same true for you and me?

Genesis chapter 13

Division. Conflict. Selfishness. These are all on display in this chapter. Lot and Abraham’s men are in conflict over who gets to use which part of the land for their sheep. Abraham decides the wise thing to do is to divide the land to keep the family united. Lot selfishly choose what he thought was the better land for himself. Abraham was learning to trust God.

Maybe we can learn from Abraham when conflicts begin to arrise. Be proactive. Take the first step to solve the problem. Put family ahead of self. Trust God.

Genesis chapter 12

God called Abraham to be the first, the father of the line of Promise to bring God’s blessing to all people. He told Abraham to pack up and start traveling until he was told to stop. Abraham did it. He wasn’t perfect. But God was faithful to His Promise. Jesus is the fulfillment of God’s Promise. 

God calls us to follow Him, to step out in faith. Even though we are not perfect, God is faithful to His Promises. The New Year is a good time to recommit to walking with God in faith and life. We don’t know what the New Year will bring. But we do know God will be with us regardless of what happens.


Genesis chapter 11

People want to make a name for themselves. That was certainly the case in Babylon. It is still true today. But the world does not revolve around us. God stopped the people at the tower of babel. He can stop us too!

The purpose of life is not self service. Our goals should be to love God who loves us and to show it by living others

Genesis chapter 9

After people made a mess of things, God acted to correct and to save. He spared Noah and promised never again to destroy everyone. He used an imperfect person like Noah to carry out His plan. He can use imperfect people like you and me.

The rainbow has been the sign of God’s promise long before it was co-opted as a symbol for gay pride. A rainbow in the sky is still a symbol or sign of God’s promise or covenant with people.