True or False … Luke 17:22-25

Jesus will return some day. True. People will be able to predict His return. False. Jesus had to die on the cross to pay for the sins of the world first. True. Only a few people will see Jesus or know where He is when he returns. False. Jesus return will be visible for all to see, like lightning in the night sky. True. Are you getting ready for the Lord’s return?

10% … Luke 17:11-19

Ten men asked Jesus to heal them of leprosy. Ten were healed. Ten were given a new life. Only one came back to thank Jesus and to praise God. Only 10%! 90% didn’t return to give thanks. Jesus has healed us of sin, guilt and shame. He has given us a new life. Are you a 10% person or a 90% person? How often do we forget to give thanks to God?

The Forgiveness Business … Luke 17:3-4

God is in the Forgiveness Business. Jesus came to forgive sinners. Jesus tells us to forgive others as He forgives us. So we as Christians are also in the forgiveness business. It is not an option. Forgiveness is letting go of the offense and letting God work in the life of the offender. We may not forget what happened. Unless the person changes we may not be able to trust them right away. But we can forgive, let go of the past and move forward. Forgiveness frees the forgiver.

Lazarus … Luke 16:27-31

Lazarus is the only person given a name in one of Jesus’ parables or stories. Jesus said that even if someone was raised from the dead some would not believe him. After Jesus brought a real man named Lazarus back to life many of the religious elite did not believe in Jesus and wanted to kill Lazarus. Now is the time to start believing in and following Jesus. Tomorrow may be too late.

Who’s Really Rich? … Luke 16:19-26

Jesus told the story of the rich man and poor Lazarus to drive home the point about what really matters in life. Wealth doesn’t last. Faith and faithfulness does. The rich man relied on his wealth but died in torment. Lazarus died in sickness and poverty but was given a seat at God’s banquet table. There is no way to bridge the gap between the two places. Choices have consequences. Lazarus made the right choice.

About Divorce … Luke 16:18

The Law says divorce is a sin because it is a violation of God’s command. That hasn’t changed. The fact that people sin hasn’t changed either. God offers forgiveness and hope to sinful people. Jesus used the example of divorce to make the point that God’s law never changes. God’s grace never changes either. Jesus forgives sinners who repent and turn to Him in faith. We should never forget that because we are all sinful people who need forgiveness.


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