1 Thessalonians chapters 2-4

Paul founded the Christian Church in Thessalonica and was forced to leave the city by the people who opposed Him and the Christian faith. He wrote his first letter to the church there because he cared about them and wanted to check in with them.

We have been forced to be separated from our church by the Corona Virus Crisis. We have tried to check up on each other in the midst of the seperation. We know for health reasons some people may not be able to return to worship services for a while. I’m looking forward to May 31st when we plan to begin holding worship services at Peace. (8:30, 10:30 & 6:00) We plan to Live Stream the morning services. I hope to see many of you then.

Sunday Prayers

Besides the prayers for those infected with the Corona Virus, the First Responders and medical personnel who are taking care of them, the people hit hard by the shut downs and the government leaders who need wisdom and courage to make the right decisions, there are some other specific people I encourage you to pray for today.

Nick and Emma who were married in a private ceremony at Peace yesterday.

Abby, Mike, Luke, Blake, Nathan, Sarah and Connor who are confirming their faith in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior today in a series of  Confirmation services with their families.

Pastor Andy Pronsati as a and his wife consider the Call to be the next Pastor to serve at Peace.He

The Live Stream worship service today at 11:00 that it will reach out beyond our Peace family.

Philippians chapter 2

Service is the key to the New life we have in Christ. Jesus is the servant of all. He offered His life up on the cross as the suffering servant to pay for everyones sins.

We are called to follow in service, to walk the life of service for others. The Corona Virus Crisis has opened the door for service to others. Who can you and I serve today?

Acts chapter 16

The Apostle Paul took the Gospel message to the Gentile world. He took advantage of his Roman citizenship, roads and peace. He was guided by God’s Spirit to know where to go. This chapter is about the start of the church in Philippi. Personal relationships were important in spreading the Gospel.

The Covid crisis has prevented churches from holding public worship services. The response to these restrictions has pushed churches to take the Gospel message into the digital world. Who knows how many people will meet Jesus there?

When we begin having services gain at Peace on May 31, we will continue to stream services into the digital world. God does work things out for the good He wants in our world and in our lives.

Galatians chapters 3-4

Paul’s letter to the Christians in Galatia reflects the battles in the early Church. Was the Gospel just for the Jews or for everyone? The correct answer is everyone. We’re people brought back into a right relationship with God by obeying the Law or by faith in Jesus? The right answer is faith. Were the Gentile, not Jewish, Christians bound by rules and rituals or free to live the new life of faith in Jesus Christ? The answer is the new life of faith in Christ.

The same answers are still true today. Jesus puts us in places where we can tell others about Him. We are saved by faith. God’s Word and Spirit change us so that we become better at doing what God wants us to do, better at reflecting Jesus Christ in our lives. We have to be in guard that we don’t let rules and rituals control us. We live by faith. We are free in Christ.

We need to be careful that when the restrictions placed on us by the government because of the Corona Virus Crisis are lifted that we don’t try to recreate the old normal and try to force people to do things the way they used to be. This may be a good time to reflect on what we have learned and move forward in faith to reach people for Christ. We can make necessary changes in the way we do things without compromising the Gospel message.

Acts chapter 12

Do we really  expect God to answer our prayers? Or do we pray without thinking God will do something?

The Disciples prayed for Peter’s release from prison. But after an angel of the Lord set him free and Peter knocked on the door where the Disciples had gathered, they did not think Peter was at the door.

God does answer prayers. When that happens we should acknowledge it. Don’t say you were lucky or it just happened. Recognize God’s answer to your prayer and thank Him.

Acts chapter 10

When we were building the first church facility for Peace and dedicated it, our theme song was All Are Welcome. That is still true. The recorded and live stream services go out to any and to all who want to watch and worship. All are welcome. When we start holding services in the church again all will be welcome.

All are Welcome! Peter found that out when God sent him to the house of Cornelius and all the gentiles received the gift of the Holy Spirit. There were baptized and welcomed into the Christian faith family.

The Gospel is for everyone. All are welcome to believe in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, receive the gift of forgiveness and begin living the new life of faith..

Acts chapter 9

Sometimes change is gradual, other time sudden. The change from Saul the Christian bounty hunter to Paul the missionary for Christ was sudden. God turned Saul around quickly, gave him a new purpose and a new life. Paul became an Ambassador for Christ.

The changes that I experience God’s Word and Spirit making in my life are more gradual. I am certainly no where close to being perfect. But my goal is to become more of the person God wants me to be, to imitate Christ in my life and to tell others about Jesus.

The end of public worship services because of the Corona Virus Crisis was sudden. The return to worship services in the church looks to be more gradual. The leaders of Peace are talking about how we do that and when tonight. It may take time before at risk people return to Arabi services at church.

Have you taken time to let God’s Word and Spirit reshape you during the Corona Virus Crisis? That may be more productive than binge watching shows.

Acts chapter 8


Happy Mother’s Day!

God can bring good out of bad. After Stephen became the first martyr for the Christian faith, the Christians dispersed from Jerusalem and more people were introduced to Jesus. People the Jews would normally avoid, like Samaritans, came to faith in Jesus.

Are Christians today experiencing our own dispertion? Instead of confining our faith to a church service, we have been pushed to disperse the Christian message over social media. We have the opportunity to invite people who may never want to walk into a church building to be part of an on line worship service and hear about Jesus.

We also have the time to read God’s Word and apply it to our lives. We can tell others how the peace of the Lord is helping us face the challenges of the Corona Virus. Where is God’s Word and Spirit leading you?

Acts chapters 6-7

The word martyr means witness. Stephen is the first reported martyr or witness who died for His Christian faith. Stephen was one of seven men known for their integrity and faith who were chosen to help the Disciples take care of people in the growing Christian community we call the church.

False witnesses lied about Stephen. The same Religious Elite who condemned Jesus also condemned Stephen. A general persecution of the Christians followed Stephen’s death. But as a result the Christians spread out from Jerusalem and took the Gospel with them.

We don’t know what good will come out of the Covid crisis. Maybe the stay at home orders will help people to focus more on their relationship with God, to try with the Holy Spirit help to become more like Jesus in the way they live.

We do know that the Gospel message has moved into the digital world in more ways and places than expected. Some people have reconnected with the Christian faith after drifting away for so long. Could God be using this crisis to seek people in a different way?